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Fast hosting, cheap hosting, affordable hosting, all-in-one web hosting solutions. Hosting from £2.99pcm. Our Hosting services have no set up costs, our prices for hosting are clear and simple!

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Reliable Hardware

We host on Dell and SuperMicro servers with A+B power and RAID storage for redundancy but you never know – something could go wrong, so we’re prepared with offsite backups performed daily, weekly and monthly, and there’s more we store them in a separate data center in Chicago..

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Web Hosting a family businesss

Family Friendly

With so much trash out there its hard for the google bots to find the great sites…, our IP isn’t black listed because all our sites are ethical, family friendly, no spam, no virus, no hacks… well the odd few but we get onto it straight away, this keeps us a cut above the rest.

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Supported Web Hosting

Supported Hosting

We have staff on the ground 24-7 in the USA and UK and we’re ready to help, if you want a fully supported experience for your hosting even having our staff edit your site for you just opt for the supported hosting account which starts at just £10.

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Thanks again for your technical support, we’re so pleased with the transition to your servers and we’re saving money too!. Learn more…




Why choose us?

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  • English speaking technical support
  • Free trial (no credit card needed)
  • Fast reliable hosting
  • Free Joomla, Magento, WordPress installations
  • Free transfer from your existing host
  • Best Price Promise!

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