Web Design Example

Yes we do offer web design as well!

Web Design Example

Responsive Web Development and Design Example

Hard to believe a company that offers such a high standard hosting solution could also offer outstanding web design, but its true.

We’ve delivered hundreds of sites to our customers. Our web design is always based on CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento which means our customers can always edit their website and update content easily.

Our standard web design price is £475 but it’s difficult to put a price on web design projects without knowing the details, each customer requires their own bespoke response to their requirements.

We would love to talk through your web design needs with you and give you a free no obligation quote. In fact even if you except the quote for web design the development would not require payment unless you were 100% satisfied with the work completed.

Please contact us at sales@blueskyhosts.com to discuss your requirements, our web design services are often in high demand so please get in touch in advance or let us know if your project requires and urgent turnaround.

As always we appreciate that you would even consider us for your project. We’d be happy to deliver some web development examples and testimonials to your inbox, so please do get in touch.


Some example prices are below:

Standard Business Website Development

We want to be honest and clear from the outset that’s why we are happy to list our prices, there may be some variation as each job is bespoke and may require more or less time, we will anticipate this upon receiving your instructions and quote accordingly. For a Joomla theme based website fully editable you can expect a starting price of £450. This would include a website tailored to your exact requirements (with no payment until completely satisfied) aprox 7 pages of content (additional pages can be added by you free of charge using the Content Management System), and an online contact form. This site will be database driven and capable of 100s of additional features from video galleries to social networking communities.
Advanced Business Website Development
If your site requires online forms, interactive elements, Search Engine Optimisation and other such advanced features you can expect the price to start at £800.
E-commerce Online Shop Website Development
We recommend Magento as the best possible online selling system. It’s a content management system used by some of the most popular brands in the world.We can develop a theme based Magento store tailored to your exact requirements (responsive) from just £750.
Church Website Development
We have developed hundreds of websites over the years and particularly love developing church websites. As a Christian company we feel we have a good understanding of many church needs when it comes to an online presence.Our prices start at £450 including many features you would expect like online sermon casting with PDF sermon notes, video catalogue, online giving facility and more.