Supported Hosting Details:

We take care of everything server side for you.
This is a premium service for our business customers who want someone else to take care of everything techincal regarding their site and email setup and maintenance. Fully supported service for complete website peace of mind. No technical knowledge required. *For server support only £10pcm, for website support (Joomla, WordPress, Magento) £15pcm.
We take care of everything server side for you.

Free installation of softaculous scripts | Support by email and phone for website updates | Content updates | Website virus/hack support | | Website site up | Email accounts set up | Fowarders/aliases set up | POP3 IMAP accounts | Support for setting up on Iphone | Support for setting up on Outlook | Support for setting up on Mac Mail

Bronze Web Hosting:

Suitable for most customers not using a Database driven website. Not suitable for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, CMS users
This is an ideal web hosting account for customers who just want emails and a couple of static html pages.

Silver Web Hosting:

For most customers with database driven sites, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento CMS users

Gold Web Hosting:

Lots of space and bandwidth, example hosting type: 10,000+ products large scale E-Commerce shopping

There is a limit of outgoing mail on the server of 500 emails per hour per hosting account, this is to avoid excessive load, if you want to run an email marketing campaign we have other services that we can recommend. There is also a restriction on bounced/failed emails being sent to avoid spammers abusing your account. cPanel will regularly monitor the emails sent through all email accounts on your domain, and if, over the past hour, more than 25% of the attempted deliveries have failed, outbound email will temporarily be limited.