Website Support for your WordPress installation

We offer speciaised webiste support for our WordPress customers for £20 per month. We can update your plugins, wordpress install and guide you through making edits/changes to your website as well as be on hand for when things go wrong and it needs fixing. This service includes the hosting!

Wordpres Website Support and Hosting

We offer all of this for one small monthly fee of £20 with no minimum contract length. Start Now

Support for your website not just hosting

Our wordpress staff are ready to help you with your website from setting it up, to editing, to updating.

Feature Rich Support

Wordpress Website Support, Maintenance and Hosting for complete peace of mind.

Wordpress Backups

We back up your wordpress install every 48hrs to an external/offsite data centre meaning if anything goes wrong we can just re-instate a previous version of your site, we’ll also make incremental backups weekly and monthly just in case you need to revert back to longer than few days before.

Wordpress Security

We’ve got custom made DDOS attack protection set up working specifically to combat known issues with wordpress installs. We also have IP blocking specifically targeted at your administrator areas of your wordpress website to protect against unauthorised admin activity. So even if you do find that you’ve been hacked we should be able to stop the hack in progress before it’s too late.

Wordpress Help

You may find that you don’t know how to edit a certain widget, or that you get locked out of your administrator area in wordpress, or even install the right plugin. We’re on hand to help and guide you through most aspects of your wordpress daily activities.

Wordpress Hosting

Not only are we supporting you with your own wordpress install our all inclusive service includes hosting with enough storage and data transfer to suit most business and personal users.

Wordpress Migration

We also help with all aspects of the migration of your wordpress website to our servers and follow up with our own tests before making your website live. We can also make quick duplicates of your wordpress install for you so that you can make edits without them being instantly visible, perhaps to launch a new wordpress website.


Wordpress is by nature open source and open to great fast progress from its many developers but also potential attacks as people can easily access wordpress code to find weaknesses, keeping your site up to the latest install is really important, we can set this to automatically happen for you as we connect directly with wordpress for the latest installations/upgrades 24/7.

Other hosting options

We offer point-and-click software and all the features of standard hosting with our WordPress website supported hosting so you can have all these scripts to!

Want to get started with your wordpress website supported hosting?